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To justify that, we have combined comfort business atmosphere

with excellent equipment and most quality materials.


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Any change on face causes different reactions of our environment. In order to make them as positive as possible, and to make you smile and proud of your new smile, our dental laboratory Antonović, along with the team of dental technicians, is ready to make your smile irresistible, and make you what you are, without losing your personal identity and charm.

Dental laboratory Antonović was established in 1990 by Snežana Antonović, dental technician. Dental technician Jovan Sušić has worked in the laboratory since 2004 and Nikola Srbljak since 2005. Highly professional knowledge is on daily basis improved through professional seminars and courses. All technicians have licenses and are members of associates of private dental technicians.

It is not by chance that the dental laboratory is part of dental clinic Dentin. Dental prosthetics is the team work of dentists and dental technicians, and we have specified everything according to the comfort and wishes of our patients. Good communication, pleasant atmosphere and high level of professionalism provide satisfaction regarding the cooperation with a patient.


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